Nakawuka Clay building materials are robust, stable, and durable; their lifespan is more than 150 years. Clay buildings, which have lasted for centuries, can be discovered all around the world. Our clay Products are weather-resistant, earthquake-proof, and fire-resistant.

Nakawuka Clays Limited products are all baked to approximately 1000 degrees centigrade and are thus fire-resistant. They are sound and waterproof and act as good heat insulators. These qualities are ensured by quality assurance testing constantly done throughout the production process. In these tests, they are checked for linear shrinkage and size (every two hours), their moisture content before and after baking, water absorption, as well as the composition of salts.

Periodic tests are made on samples sent to Uganda National Bureau of Standards and Central Materials Laboratory. All these tests ensure that all products sold are of unmatched quality.

Bricks & Floor Tiles

Bricks and Floor Tiles

Suspended Floor Tiles

Bricks and Floor Tiles

Decorative Grilles

Bricks and Floor Tiles


Bricks and Floor Tiles

Roofing Tiles

Bricks and Floor Tiles

Walling & Partitioning Blocks

Bricks and Floor Tiles

Our Products

  • Bricks & Floor Tiles
  • Decorative Grilles
  • Roofing Tiles
  • Suspended Floor Units
  • Ventilators
  • Walling and Partitioning Blocks


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  • Plot 228, P.O. Box 22618, Kampala.

Working Hours

  • 24 hours | Every Monday - Sunday.